Verto – IL Makiage

We are Verto – IL Makiage…

A dysfunctional team… But we’re happy 😊🤪

Filipina Beauties

Seeing these three Filipina goddesses in one pic is just way too much! I can’t. I just can’t!

Megan Lynne Young – Miss World 2013

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach – Miss Universe 2015

Kylie Fausto Verzosa – Miss International 2016

*I do not own the pictures above – credits to the owner of the pics*

Die Beautiful

Learned about this movie while I was watching news the other day and the news anchor said “Filipino wins Best Actor at the recently concluded Tokyo International Film Festival for the movie Die Beautiful” which I haven’t even heard. So to keep myself “updated” – hello YouTube!

After watching the trailer, I’m uber excited to watch the movie once it’s released because… Well… (I can’t think of a reason actually LOL!).

For you folks who haven’t seen the full trailer yet, watch it down below. ☺

ILO Three Point Three

My Iloilo stint was memorable because of my “babies” aka 3.3. Starting from the rounds of introduction in the uber bright training room while construction of the Sales Operations floor was ongoing, down to the certification process while my babies were in the 3rd floor and I was stationed at the 4th trying to think of creative ways on how the Iloilo site can hit the conversion target plus resolve the multiple issues we were facing back then, these folks made all those sleepless nights all worthwhile. Falling in love with Iloilo and the always smiling Ilonggos was relatively easy and it’s all because of the welcoming embrace of these folks. I will definitely be back in Iloilo but not just because of work. But because these folks made me realize that Iloilo is now my 2nd home.

Showing you my “Ilonggo babies” who I am very proud of. ☺

3.3 Goes Nuts!